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Textile architecture

The best textile architecture solution for pressostatic buildings

Lightweight economical construction for covering large spaces

High-tech fabrics

Energy savings up to 50%.

Pressostatic buildings

Consisting of ?

Pressostatic Buildings are well-known all over the world manufactured since 1967. A flexible construction sustained by a small amount of air pressure produced by blowers that continuously drive air into the building with an internal pressure of 40 m/m. Sizes vary from 50 m2 up to 5000 m2. These buildings can be used for tennis courts, winter pools, agricultural storage houses, shows, conference rooms, exhibitions, etc. This type of structure has excellent qualities, highlighting its low cost of acquisition and maintenance, easy installation in assembly and dismantling and a long duration of more than 15 years.

Installation examples

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Home automation and automation devices

Give your installation a smart climate control system to save on your energy bill or to automate functions that make your installation useful and prevent accidents

Energy savings up to 50%.

Avoid breakages and unexpected accidents

Intelligent control of your installation

Our solutions for textile architecture

Textile facades

Change your building’s image

Textile architecture for shopping center

The best solution for expanding any type of commercial installation..

Car parks

SThe perfect solution to protect vehicles without needing additional works..

Pressostatic buildings

This is a flexible construction supported by a small amount of air pressure.

Large-sized tensioned shade sails

Textile architecture, tensed or paraboloid.