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Many types of tents combined with an infinity of accessories

Easy assembly and weather resistant

For all types of events and celebrations

Variety of shapes, designs and sizes

Tent accessories

Consisting of ?

In addition to tents, Tolder also provides all the necessary accessories to achieve maximum comfort and cover any need: custom flooring; dance floor; stage; lighting; air conditioning; heating; interior and exterior decor, including floral decoration; furniture; carpeting; bathrooms, from the most luxurious to the most simple; flags; pennants; banners; globes for lighting; air nebulizers or misting refreshment fans, etc.

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Home automation and automation devices

Give your installation a smart climate control system to save on your energy bill or to automate functions that make your installation useful and prevent accidents

Energy savings up to 50%.

Avoid breakages and unexpected accidents

Intelligent control of your installation

Our solutions for textile architecture

Tents rental

Tolder is the Spanish company with the most experience in the tent rentals..

Folding tents

Tents for easy and rapid assembly

Garden tents

Enjoy the outdoors any time of the year

Tents for events

Large stock of tents of different sizes and design.

Restaurant tents

Protection from sun, rain and wind in addition to lending character

Tensioned tent structures

Tensioned tent structures adequate for holding any event anywhere, either public or private. Rental by the day or weeks.

Accesories tents

Lighting, air conditioning, flooring, sound and indoor and outdoor decor.