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Lightweight economical construction for covering large spaces

High-tech fabrics

Energy savings up to 50%.

Tolder has accumulated over 90 years of project experience working at the service of our customers. Nine decades that have given us extensive experience, professionalism, confidence and the proven capacity to provide our customers with the best solutions for each of their needs with the highest assurances, regardless of their budget. What do you need?


Tienda Modular de Despliegue Rapido


Multi-purpose modular tent with an external structure resistant to atmospheric agents that hinders the formation of water pockets on the roof and is able to withstand a snow accumulation of at least 45 kg / m2, supporting winds of up to 100 km / h.

Finca Los Cuadros


A cocktail tent in the patio adapted to the transparent 10x14x4 space. Another tent for diners of 10x25x4 with an elegant upholstery inside chosen by the client. And another tent for the expansion of diners of 8x16x3 also upholstered.

Carpa Club La Pineda


This unique tent was built to host events such as weddings and communions. The tent measures 20 x 36 m with a green lacquered steel structure.

Carpas de 8 x 12 dos aguas

Las Rozas

Tents for events This tent measures 8 x 12 m with a double sloped roof and a lateral height of 2.80 m

Carpa La Muñoza


A unique tent for events and educational activities, etc.
This tent measuring 23 x 25 m has a four-sided sloped roof and is designed to be disassembled if desired.

Carpa Hexagonal de 10 m


Tent with hexagonal shape, perfect for any event.

Carpa Hexagonal de 15 m


15 m hexagonal tent, perfect for any event.

Agropecuaria Capitel


Ideal for any event.
This tent measures 5 x 30 m and is designed to be disassembled if necessary. .

Carpa Unidad Militar de Emergencias


Three tents measuring 10 x 20 m each, with a minimum height of 4 m.
Aluminium structure with 5 porticos connected to each other via straps.

El Olivar de la Hinojosa


Tent made for celebrations and events.

Club deportivo Puerta de Hierro


Three modular tents measuring 30 x 54, 15 x 30 and 20 x 30 m to cover sports areas (tennis, indoor football, etc.).

La Vega de Henares


Tent for events, in this case restaurant.

Plaza de Toros Las Ventas


Tent installed for one event.
This modular aluminium tent measures 20 x 4 m with a height of 7 m.

Jaima Sultanato de Omán

Sultanato de Omán

Bi-conical nomad tent installed at the hunting pavilion.
This nomad tent consists of 2 central masts and an aluminium perimeter structure.

Tienda de emergencias 6x8 m


Detachable lightweight roof with galvanized carbon steel tubing structure and aluminium cast fittings

Condado de Castilnovo

Condado de Castilnovo, Segovia

Tent for berths with two-sided pitched roof.

Hangar para helicópteros

Colmenar Viejo, Madrid

Double Hangar for Helicopter Training Centre.

Carpa UME

Base de Torrejón, Madrid

Tents are designed to house 12 trucks.

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