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Pergolas and marquee projects

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Tolder has accumulated over 90 years of project experience working at the service of our customers. Nine decades that have given us extensive experience, professionalism, confidence and the proven capacity to provide our customers with the best solutions for each of their needs with the highest assurances, regardless of their budget. What do you need?

Pergolas and marquee

C.C. Plaza Mayor Pérgola Entrada

Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor, Málaga

Wood and glass pergola, with decorative side plate. Located in the Gourmet plaza of the Shopping Center.

C.C. Plaza Mayor Pergolas Solapadas

Centro Comercial Plaza Mayor, Málaga

Three overlapping pergolas to shade shopping center

Terraza Velador Arturo


Terrace enclosure on a public street for the Restaurant Delfines with 3 half-point tunnels.

Kiosco terraza Hispano Arturo


Terrace and kiosk for the Bar Cafeteria Hispano.
This terrace is comprised of a 3.00 x 2.55 m kiosk with 3 sides with folding doors, 1 pedestrian door and a sandwich panel enclosure.

Arsenal Proyectos deportivos


Motorized pergola, wall-roof with an innovative system of profiles allowing movement and folding at the side, protecting from both sun and rain.

Terraza restaurante Marbella


Sloped pergola with an innovative system of profiles allowing movement and folding at the side, protecting from both sun and rain.

Terraza de Verano Restaurante El Telégrafo


Summer terrace for the bar El Telégrafo. This terrace is comprised of a folding double sided sloped roof supported by two central posts and sixteen booms braced by stainless steel cables.

Terraza para Hostelería LATERAL


This complete terrace is comprised of teakwood floors, three tube pergolas with round wooden roof, a tensed shade sail, two canvas banners with signage, two cabinets, a kiosk made of sheet metal Oxidon lacquered and a “carriage” board platform stage.

Marquesina Constructora San José

C/ San Eustaquio 30. Polígono Marconi, Madrid

Marquee for building entrance.

Colegio Internacional

Colegio Internacional, Ctra. de Toledo a Villaverde Km.5, Madrid

Tunnel made of arches, with frame and straight footings in painted steel. Canvas made of polyester fibre.

Sexta Avenida

Centro Comercial Sexta Avenida, Pozuelo, Madrid

Parasols shaped like marquees.

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