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Motor driven flat awning projects

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Lightweight economical construction for covering large spaces

High-tech fabrics

Energy savings up to 50%.

Tolder has accumulated over 90 years of project experience working at the service of our customers. Nine decades that have given us extensive experience, professionalism, confidence and the proven capacity to provide our customers with the best solutions for each of their needs with the highest assurances, regardless of their budget. What do you need?

Motor driven flat awning projects

Ayuntamiento de Cazorla


4 flat folding awnings driven by 4 motors and steel cable circuits, supported by stainless steel rods.

C.C. Carrefour Cuidad de los Ángeles


Six automated terrace flat awnings, for solar protection filtering the light.
Reduces the temperature up to 50% and air conditioning consumption by up to 40%.
Individual opening and closing via six motors.

Hermanitas de Castellón


In order to shade the halls of the Virgen de Lirón nursing home, two folding awnings were installed each measuring 10.86 x 20.80 m.

Palacio del Arzobispado


Folding flat awnings were installed in an inner courtyard measuring 20 m long and 21 m wide.

Restaurante Ondarreta


To shade a hall of events 4 motorized folding awnings were installed using a silver coloured perforated canvas.

Palacio de La Aduana


Five flat folding awnings measuring 5 x 30 m driven by five motors with two canvas awnings comprised of 12 sheets each.

Edificio de oficinas de Instituto Madrileño de Salud

Alacalá de Henares

Shading of indoor patio using six flat folding awnings supported by guide rails and lacquered aluminium struts.

Monasterio Purisima Concepción


Two motorized folding flat awnings measuring 12 x 14 m and 12 x11 m supported by tensed rods and stainless steel pulleys.



Installation of three folding flat awnings measuring 4.80 x10.00 m supported by stainless steel rods and pulleys, driven by 3 motors.

Museo Arqueológico

Alcalá de Henares, Madrid

Foldable flat awning supported by stainless steel pulleys suspended from 8 cables and fastened to 16 double-slot aluminium profiles.
The canvas is comprised of 16 sheets. These awnings are opened and closed by a motor operated by remote radio control.

Colegio San Román y San Antonio

C/ Rodriguez Marín, Madrid

Foldable two-sided pitched flat awning supported by steel rods and terminal plates anchored to the walls of the building.
The drive mechanism is activated by a motor driving an anti-twist, anti-misalignment and anti-slippage cable in a continual circuit.

Colegio Newman

Colegio Newman, Madrid

Awnings for shading two school courtyards and the sandbox.

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