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Large roof projects

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Lightweight economical construction for covering large spaces

High-tech fabrics

Energy savings up to 50%.

Tolder has accumulated over 90 years of project experience working at the service of our customers. Nine decades that have given us extensive experience, professionalism, confidence and the proven capacity to provide our customers with the best solutions for each of their needs with the highest assurances, regardless of their budget. What do you need?

Large roof

C.C Planetocio


Tensed roof for children’s playground.
The fabric is made of polyester fibre with PVC induction.
Steel structure with arches and lattice struts braced by tensed cables.

Parque de Cataluña


Polygonal tent for basketball courts.
This tent is made using an aluminium profile structure and different sized steel joints, with 10 transversal gantries with double sloped roof.
The canvas is made of white fire resistant canvas.

Carpa semiesférica Larios


Semi-spherical tent for sporting events.
This tent has a 56 m diameter and a height of 23 m.
The structure is comprised of polygonal arches made of aluminium and the central masts of galvanized steel.
The fabric roof is made of PVC polyester fibre.

Centro de Gimnasia Rítmica de Marbella


Roof for a rhythmic gymnastics floor.
Textile roof supported by steel arches in lattice structure braced by steel cables.
Polyester PVC membrane.

Centro de Seguimiento de Satelites


Arched textile roofs installed above 3 existing skylights measuring 6.60 m wide by 14.40 m long.

Club de Campo Villa de Madrid


Roof for 4 paddle tennis courts.
Tensed polyester fibre roof with PVC induction, steel structure with arches and lattice struts braced by tensed cables.

Cumbre Ibero-Americana


Temporary textile roof for a 25 x 25 m indoor patio for the 2005 Iberoamerican Summit event.

Hangar base naval de Rota


Hangar for storage and parking for the Naval Base.

Ayuntamiento de Noblejas

Noblejas (Toledo)

Roof for 20 m diameter skylight using solar protection fabrics. The 20 canvas sails are anchored to the structure and attached to the centre of the skylight and to the outside. The installation of these canvas sails creates both a chamber and a UV protection shield, reducing the temperature by 50%.

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