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Cone-shaped tent projects

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Lightweight economical construction for covering large spaces

High-tech fabrics

Energy savings up to 50%.

Tolder has accumulated over 90 years of project experience working at the service of our customers. Nine decades that have given us extensive experience, professionalism, confidence and the proven capacity to provide our customers with the best solutions for each of their needs with the highest assurances, regardless of their budget. What do you need?

Cone-shaped tent

Terraza Restaurante Tupamaro


Tents for the Tumaparo cafeteria consisting of 4 cone-shaped tents attached to each other with English windows.
A flat terrace and 2 pyramid-shaped canvas roofs were also attached to the cone-shaped tents.

Carpa Bicónica Málaga


Dual cone-shaped tensed textile roof supported by two central masts and the perimeter by 14 smaller masts.

Cubierta parking BMW


10 modules consisting of tensed textile roof in the shape of an inverted cone, hung from a central mast measuring 7 m high by means of two groups of stainless steel cables.



Each module consists of an 8 x 8 m eccentric cone suspended from a mast supported by 8 cables fixed and tensed from the four corners.

Centro Comercial El Ingenio


Two kiosks in the form of a chimney with a height of 20 m.
Circular lower portion covers 13.70 m.

Centro Comercial El Torreón


These two cone-shaped tents were installed for the VIPS bar-restaurant terrace.
Two cone-shaped textile roofs 7 x 7 and 5 x 5 m.

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