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Remote control and convert your home in a smart house

Control your installation in a way that is fast and simple


Save on your air conditioning bill

Home automation and automation devices

Give your installation a smart climate control system to save on your energy bill or to automate functions that make your installation useful and prevent accidents

Why should you motorize your installation?

Are you thinking of installing an awning on your terrace?, a new enclosure?, blinds or curtains? Get started today with an automated solution! Does your house have a crank-operated awning? It won’t be necessary to change it since most awnings can be motorized after installation.

The age of cranks that are difficult to operate is over. Our automated installations can be operated easily with a remote control, tablet or Smartphone. Everything adjusts to just the height you want in only a few seconds to provide any room or space with the perfect amount shade or sunlight.

Automatización con motores

Instalación Domótica Completa

Alargue la vida de su instalación

Cambio de viejos sistemas de apertura y cierre

Boost your business

Protect your business from unnecessary accidents and extra costs. Add automation devices such as weather control components to your outdoor installations and avoid accidents due to unnecessary wear, friction or stress.

Intelligent LED lighting solutions can also be installed to create new spaces and environments in your business.


Tolder joins up with Somfy as a leader in automation devices and home automation systems to provide the best solution for its customers.

Inteligencia integrada

A motorized terrace awning with radio technology will add a touch of ingenuity to your home! From the first basic installation new features can be easily added such as the home automation system to control your home, central, etc.


Somfy electric motors are equipped with the latest and most exclusive technology: iohomecontrol®.

  • These motors even more assured due to their highly reliable radio technology
  • Information is exchanged so you can control what happens without moving from where you are.
  • This technology is shared by leading brands in the industry for maximum compatibility.


  • Compliance with the most stringent safety standards in the market.
  • Products designed in France in an innovation leading research and development centre.
  • Products tested and inspected according to the most rigorous criteria to assure quality, performance and longevity.


Free hotline at 900 20 68 68. A team of advisors is on hand to answer all your inquiries. A query section open at all times.


Our products are submitted to our own strength and reliability testing to assure a safe and durable installation

In the more than 80 years that Tolder has been manufacturing its products it has been able to test numerous materials and verify their quality before building them into their projects. That is why our DNA is innovation and research thus assuring the final quality of our products.

Our stress and tear testing allow us to apply only the best materials and create new manufacturing techniques meeting the market's most demanding certification requirements.

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