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Military Equipment Solutions
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Company registered as NATO supplier (NSPA) NCAGE:958B

Textile architecture of fast and easy structures to assemble and disassemble

Military compaign tents and the best military equipment within for reach

Building military solutions for 80 yearsingles

Tolder has been a Spanish company that specializes in textile covering systems for military use since its beginnings 80 years ago. Few textile-related companies are able to face the challenge of supplying the Armed Forces. This is not the case with Tolder which specializes in canvas coverings with ISO 14001 and 9001 certification. Its proven technical team, long experience and the quality of its products can resolve many of the problems posed by the Army In their missions inside and outside Spanish borders.

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Multi-purpose tent modules

For warehouses, mess halls, kitchens, car parks, etc.

Tents for car parks

Capacidad para 80 vehículos todo terreno o 50 camiones de 8 m.

Tents for troops

For shelter and rapid deployment.


Dismountable and transportable hangar for helicopters and airplanes.


Solutions for military and civil uses


Dismountable and foldable hangar


Multi-purpose containers

Quick repair and leather smithing service

Truck canvas coverings, tents, etc.

Red Multiespectral

For vehicles and troops

Fabric car parks

Rapid installation of fabric car parks

Furniture, accessories and air conditioning

We have furniture available required for various uses.