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Awnings and Pergolas

A multitude of canvas coverings for pergolas, choose the design you like most for your home

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Pergolas with awning

Consisting of:

This new pergola concept is ideal for covering extensive areas in public establishments and private spaces. This very resistant pergola model is designed to offer protection against sun, wind and rain.

  • Rainwater is run off completely with a minimum slope of 5 degrees.
  • Can support a load of up to 50 cm of fresh snow (with the canvas fully extended).
  • The structure has been tested to resist considerable wind conditions exceeding 100 kph.
  • Aluminium profiles with stainless steel fittings. No structure component is made of nylon.
  • By request: LED lights on the profiles, spotlights on the columns and acoustic diffusers may be added.
  • Perfect for covering extensive areas.

Its elegant lines blend seamlessly with modern architecture and give added value. This pergola has been designed as a gallery covered with a system of independent canvas coverings that are collected laterally leaving the sky completely visible. It can be completely free of any intermediate structural elements in the roof of up to 12 m wide, and with only one rigid element in the centre, up to a width of 24 m to enjoy the full effect of the open sky. The maximum length with no intermediate posts is 8 m. The shape of the roof is made with high quality opaque PVC to assure its waterproof feature even under the most difficult conditions.

Motor drive and remote control are standard. All the vertical awnings can be closed ensuring a fully airtight seal.


  • No visible bolts.
  • The system allows the slope of the roof, totally made of aluminium and steel, to be concealed.
  • Standard sprayed structure comes in 20 different colours.
  • Wind resistant up to 100 kph
  • Top canvas made of PVC with dark shading effect.
  • The structure can be made with single slope or double sloped and can be positioned next to a wall or at an angle depending the need.


  • No spaces taken up by the classical folding.
  • Structures and components are made of aluminium and steel.
  • Standard sprayed structure comes in 20 different colours.
  • Wind resistant up to 100 kph.
  • Class 2 drainage with a minimum slope of 8 degrees. Upper area made of PVC with dark shading effect.

Displacement is carried out by guide rails and a series of aluminium 80 x 80 mm cassettes. Each of these cassettes functions as a container for each of the canvas portions that is wound and unrolled autonomously. The normal space taken up by the displacement mechanics is limited to 1.30 mm due to the guide rails.

This pergola doesn’t have the spaces normally occupied by the classic folding method thus allowing the installation to be carried out even where a classical pergola cannot be installed due to reasons of space.

This technical solution provides clean of lines and a design unequalled in the market. The versatility of this solution allows positioning as an autonomous pergola or as an ideal solution that can take advantage of pre-existing structures. This pergola allows the use of different types of fabric in order to make the best use of PVC and polyester performance in micro perforated fabrics.

Installation Examples

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Home automation and automation devices

Give your installation a smart climate control system to save on your energy bill or to automate functions that make your installation useful and prevent accidents

Energy savings up to 50%.

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