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Awnings and Pergolas

Awnings for terraces and chalets

Both outdoor and indoor solutions

Automation and home automation solutions

Energy savings up to 50%. Ask us how.

The sliding roof awning you’ve been seeking for your home

Consisting of:

Awnings or Verastor blinds for skylights. Solar protection for external enclosures of terraces and glassed in verandas. These awnings have lateral guide rails where the carriages that move the front tubing with the canvas run. Once folded, the awning is completely covered thanks to the cassette system. There are three models to choose from: Flat Verastor blind, curved Verastor blind or circular Verastor blind to cover arched sections. They are always motor driven. With automatic system using time-control sensors help to protect your greenhouse from excess sunlight.

Installation Examples

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Home automation and automation devices

Give your installation a smart climate control system to save on your energy bill or to automate functions that make your installation useful and prevent accidents

Energy savings up to 50%.

Avoid breakages and unexpected accidents

Intelligent control of your installation

Our Solutions for Awnings

Awnings for terraces and chalets

Awnings and pergolas made to suit open spaces

Awnings for windows and balconies

Awnings made to suit your windows and balconies

Awnings for restaurant and commercial businesses

Awnings and pergolas made to suit you business with all the additional equipment

Awnings for schools

Motorized folding arm awnings for covering large patios

Garden awnings

Ideal for enjoying your terrace or garden

Awnings measurement large surfaces

Weddings and other events. Large stock of tents of different sizes and design.

Other systems

The most innovative solar protection systems on the market

Our Solutions for Pergolas

Wooden pergolas

Wood finishes for private or professional use

Aluminium pergolas

Aluminum finishes for private or professional use

Pergolas with awning

It is the ideal solution both for private use and for commercial purposes.

Pergolas with slats

Able to adapt to any weather conditions.

Terrace and garden pergolas

To enjoy the whole year of the garden or the terrace.

Pérgolas Corradi

Solutions for outdoor spaces in harmony with your garden or commercial premises.